Aswan | Edfu

Obtainable ItemsEdit

(Opening the chests here have a rare chance of raising bad karma by 1.)

Item Where to find
First-Aid Kit x5 1F Emergency Room
First-Aid Kit x5 1F Examination Room
Godly Medicine x3 2F, suite on the right
Ointment x3 2F, suite in the center
Ointment x3 2F, suite in the center
Starplatodine1 2F, suite on the left
Medical Toolkit x3 2F, Ward A
Experience Tablet1 2F, Ward B
Echoesterol1 2F, Ward C

1Requires the office key


Vending MachinesEdit

Item Price Description
Diamond C 300 Restores a large amount of HP + cures Bleeding
Overdrive SY 300 Restores a large amount of SP
Requiem G.E. 300 Cures various status effects
Ripple-Infused Cola 300 Restores a little HP to whole party
Ripple-Infused Wine 700 Restores some HP to whole party

Doctor on 1st FloorEdit

Item Price Description
Ointment 100 Ointment and gauze. Restores 50 HP.
First-Aid Kit 500 Painkillers, ointment, and vitamins. Restores 250 HP.
Diamond C 300 A nutrition drink that restores a lot of HP (and cures Bleeding).
Overdrive SY 300 A nutrition drink that restores a lot of SP.
Requiem G.E. 300 Nutrition drink that restores HP/SP/status effects.


  • Help Kakyoin!
At the start of the event, you'll be tasked with taking Kakyoin to the examination room on the first floor. Since you're helping him walk, your movement speed will be halved. Afterwards, you'll end up back in Kakyoin's room, and once you leave, you'll find yourself locked outside. While you walk, Kakyoin will randomly take damage, and once it reaches 0, you'll get a game over. You can also randomly trigger traps that will reduce your HP and SP by 30. Head to the office full of nurses on the 1st floor to get the key, and another event will occur. (You can now open the locked treasure chests around the hospital, which contain stat-boosting items.)
Head back to Kakyoin's room. You'll be asked to finger the culprit that attacked Kakyoin. It is one of the 4 doctors, but which one it is is random. You can find out who the culprit is by examining the passed-out doctor in the hallways after the office event. If you pick the correct one, Kakyoin will gain 3FP. Otherwise, the event will continue without the FP gain and you can continue to Edfu.

Enemy DataEdit

No enemies to be fought.