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  • Judgment
If you didn't follow Polnareff in India, this event will proceed according to the original story. After a cutscene and a boss fight, you'll take control of Polnareff and Abdul and search the map for the user while being pursued by a respawning Cameo. The user is in a patch of grass which is identical to all the other grass on the map, but is solid, so you'll bump into it instead of passing through. The spot is near where Cameo respawns, by the tiny patch of dirt on the left.
  • Help Polnareff!
If you followed Polnareff in India, you'll get a much different version of this scene. After reuniting with the group, you'll go to find Polnareff, who is being attacked by Judgment. While searching for him, he'll randomly take damage, and once his HP reaches 0, you'll get a Game Over. To find him, walk left until you see a patch of dirt shaped like an arrow, then walk down. Afterwards, check the grass in the middle and to the right of the dirt patch to complete the event.
After meeting up with the group, all party members will be 10 levels higher than they were when you left Calcutta.

Enemy DataEdit

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Judgment (User: Cameo) 250 100 100 Act 2 Range: M. High attack but low hit rate and HP. Weak to Fire, and can be damaged by physical attacks despite being a Stand.