Jotaro Kujo
Full Name Jotaro Kujo
Age 17
Stand Star Platinum

Yare yare daze.
Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is one of the main characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User and the first party member the player meets in the game. A young deliquent, Jotaro is stoic, serious and intelligent and has one of the strongest stands in the JoJo universe, Star Platinum.

Friendship PointsEdit

Through out the game, the player will have many opportunites to build a relationship with Jotaro through certain events that will raise his FP. Here's a list of them:

  • Japan
    • Before the fight against Hierophant Green, join the Jotaro in the fight.
    • After the fight, when Jotaro asks if you work for Dio, say Yes. Be warned this will also give you bad karma.
    • When asked if you want to join the group to Egypt, say How can I say no!?, which will increase not only Jotaro's FP, but the entire party's FP.
  • Hong Kong
    • After the first fight against Polnareff and his Silver Chariot, step in to fight him again. This increases FP with the entire party.
  • Harbor
    • Assassins will arrive to do some dirty deeds for Lord Dio once Jotaro reaches Level 10. Defeat them for +1 FP.
    • Defeat Emilio and his Stand, "Chicken Shack," with Jotaro in the party. This awards +1 FP and a Badge of Honor.
    • Defeat Utah a second time with Jotaro. This awards +1 FP, but be warned, on the fourth playthrough, doing so will bar you from the Sword of St. George sidequest, which requires Utah to be fought in Edfu.
  • Charter Ship
    • Defeating Dark Blue Moon in 3 turns, before he can escape with the girl, rewards you with +1 FP with Jotaro, once the two of you are sucked down beneath the waves to fight him again.
  • Ghost Ship
    • Defeat Forever with Jotaro, which awards you with +1 FP.
    • Defeat Kate with Jotaro, which awards you with +1 FP, a Badge of Honor, and no more Green Hornets.
  • Singapore
    • Go to 7-11 with Jotaro, and wait for him to punch out the petty thug outside. You'll gain +1 FP afterwards.
    • Defeat Vins with Jotaro, which awards +1 FP.
    • Defeat Joey with Jotaro, which awards +1 FP.
    • Defeat Devo's Ebony Devil with Jotaro, which awards +1 FP and the ability to recruit Polnareff again for the rest of the stay in Singapore. Do note that by doing so, you'll lose a +2 FP event with Polnareff, so choose wisely who you'll accompany to their room.
    • Jump into the cable car with Jotaro and "Kakyoin" for a whopping +3 FP. Defeat Yellow Temperance afterwards for another +1 FP, and the Double Lariat skill for Red Garland.