Glitches are a part of every video game, due engine faults or programming oversights and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: 7th Stand User is no exception. Here's a list of glitches and how to solve them in the case of the game breaking glitches.

Death 13 GlitchEdit

Requirements: New Game+, Have King Crimson, Believe in Kakyoin's story, defeat Death 13.

If you have skipped through the events and got to the battle with Death 13 alongside Kakyoin, there is a glitch in which the event that happens before the Death 13 battle starts after the battle. This only occours if you have King Crimson with you and skipped that event. This will cause a crash in the game.

In order to avoid this glitch, just don't skip the event before the Death 13 battle.

DIO GlitchEdit

Requirements: In Jotaro's route, joined Jotaro in the first fight against DIO, lose the battle.

If you fought Dio alongside Jotaro in the first opportunity you have and lose the battle, a glitch will occour in which the protagonist's sprite will appear in every cutscene before the second battle against DIO and once that battle happens, a Game Over will instantly occour.

In order to correct this glitch, the player has to edit the save file. This can be done with a Hex editor or through more simple means utilizing this save editor and choosing to Restore All, which will lead you to the battle against DIO with full health.

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