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Base StatsEdit

Crazy Diamond starts out at Level 20. Has "Fight Normally" as tactics.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
20 249 170 61 58 85 113
50 898 735 236 161 300 328


Crazy Diamond's moveset is similar to the Cardigans's.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Heal 3 2 Restores 30 HP to one ally.
Heal All 5 2 Restores 20HP to all allies.
Cardiac Massage 5 2 An artificial resuscitation skill. Revives ally.
Stone Toss 1 2 Inflicts damage on one opponent.
Bombardment 6 2 Damages the enemy with a barrage of punches. (S)

+Blowback chance

Mach Rush 12 7 Severely damages the enemy with punches. (S)

+Blowback chance

Crusher Volley 22 7 Throws rocks at enemy for severe physical damage.

+Dizzy chance

Cure 6 9 Restores 120 HP to one ally.
Berserk Rush 24 14 Cripplingly damages the enemy with punches. (S)

+Blowback chance

Cure All 10 15 Restores 80HP to all allies.
Loud Yell 0 15 Yells in a booming voice to remove confusion.

Removes: Berserk, Confused, Sleeping, Fear, Distract, OffGuard

Laugh 0 15 Laughs at the enemy to inflict Berserk status.
Provoke 1 15 Provokes an enemy to inflict Berserk status.

Seems to have a better chance than laugh.

Call Out 3 15 Removes Berserk, Confusion, and Sleep from ally.

Also removes Drunk.

Restore 12 18 Restores 480HP to one ally.
Restore All 20 20 Restores 320HP to all allies.
Full Restore 28 25 Revives a K.O.'ed ally with full HP.
Homing Projectile 30 28 Inflicts severe def-piercing damage on an enemy.

+Dizzy, Fear, Blowback, Bleeding chance

Rush Attack 10 30 Charges at the enemy and damages them. (M)

+Fear chance

Dora-Dora Rush 60 35 Inflicts a rain of crippling blows on enemies. (S)

+Fear, Blowback chance

Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects